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We are #ensostudio.
An interdisciplinary
design studio focused on neuroaesthetics and sustainability.


We combine holistic approach, neuroaesthetics and sustainability to create welcoming, sustainable environments and products. Our design philosophy is influenced by Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics emphasizing simplicity and functionality.

The studio's name is inspired by the Japanese symbol “Ensō” symbolizing absolute enlightenment, togetherness, strength, and elegance. Our goal is to create designs that evoke positive emotions and comfort.

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Due to the increasing concern for sustainability and the environment, sustainable design solutions are more important than ever.  As a company specialised in this area, Enso Studio is ready to meet this demand and help clients reduce their environmental impact.

Moreover, there has been a notable shift towards mental health awareness and destigmatization of mental health issues in recent years. Consequently, people have become more conscious of the profound impact their environment can have on their well-being. This consciousness also extends to brand identities, where elements such as choosing the right colors, fonts, and social media contents play a major role in shaping brand perception. At Enso Studio, we passionately incorporate these findings into every project, covering interior design, product design, digital design, and branding.

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Unlock the full potential of your vision with our profound expertise and limitless creativity.

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