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Enso Studio (NL)

'Puro', an iconic dining chair that embodies elegance and simplicity. Its unique design is defined by organic shapes, use of honest materials, and a harmonious blend of Scandinavian aesthetics. 'Puro' is not just a chair, it is an eco-friendly and innovative creation.

Unlike traditional chairs, "Puro" can be conveniently flat-packed and disassembled into separate parts. Thanks to its component-based design, each piece can be recycled, ensuring full repairability of the chair without the need to purchase a new one. With 'Puro', you can enjoy the comfort and beauty of a timeless design while contributing to a greener planet.

Client: Enso Studio
Year: 2023
Materials: Wood, Plywood

Puro Wooden Dining Chair Side.jpg
living room.jpg
Custom Lighting Environment Simple Dining Chairs 2.jpg
Puro Wooden Dining Chair Exploaded Seating.jpg
Wooden Chair v3 FLATPACKED iso.jpg
Wooden Chair v3  Detail 2 Bottom.jpg

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